energy.Sys provides planning, budgeting, scheduling, engineering, design, drafting, procurement, project management and/or construction management services to large commercial, institutional and industrial clients for each of the project types noted below.

  • Medium Voltage Substations - Generally for process plants, manufacturing facilities and institutions, medium voltage substations are designed to convert the higher voltage of long-distance power distribution systems to lower voltage(s) for use at motors, equipment, lighting, etc. .
  • Overhead and underground medium voltage power distribution systems - Similar to systems utilities require for the distribution of bulk electric power, systems by energy.Sys are specifically tailored for private for-profit clients.
  • Feasibility Studies & Front-End Engineering Design - Too often, the acquisition and distribution of electric power is overlooked or taken for granted by developers and owners of proposed facilities. Before embarking on major projects involving bulk electric power, please keep energy.Sys in mind. We will be pleased to assist you on an ad hoc basis or as part of a larger development team.
  • Operational Energy Efficiency & Monitoring - Does your manufacturing or process facility use more electric energy than necessary? Are you paying too much for electricity? Should your electricity use be monitored? Do you really know how your billing is calculated and what might be done to economize without disruption? If you're not sure of the answers to these questions, perhaps an assessment is due. 
  • Professional Services for Legal & Insurance Purposes - With extensive experience in support of legal & insurance matters, please know that energy.Sys is poised to provide a quick and reliable response to your call.

About us

Developers & owners of manufacturing and process facilities generally assume that they must engage a large engineering company to gain access to sophisticated electrical engineering services. Unfortunately, large engineering companies are rarely interested in electrical work alone and when they do take such work, it is often performed at high cost over a long schedule. energy.Sys was founded in 1995 specifically to address this dilemma shared by many facility clients. Accordingly, we provide cost efficient electric engineering & project management services performed on a purposeful pace at high value. Moreover, we stay focused on your business...and do precisely what is needed to support your goals and profitability.